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Lær tantra med Adelina - september 2017

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer time! 

It’s been nearly a year since I was last in Denmark. Some important changes have happen for me since:  After nearly 8 years of nomadic life (without a “home”), I have now a base in front of the sea in Spain, for which I'm deeply grateful. This is allowing me to develop deeper roots and a more stable presence, expanding my heart further and, thus, embracing in love all what life brings to me (the light and the dark, the strong and the vulnerable,... with all its colours and shades), in a more relaxed and loving way. 

I am really excited to come back to Denmark now and to offer the new taste that permeates through my work.

Are you ready to develop more presence for love?
Are you ready to explore your nature, your fire, your sensuality?
Are you wanting to be more authentic and true to yourself?
Are you ready to drop all the barriers to love, truth and intimacy in your life?
Are you looking to drop into simplicity and innocence? 
Are you wanting to treat with respect and compassion all that inhabits you?

Tantra guides you to be fully present with what is, your body, the breath, the energy flow, returning to a more natural, simple and innocent way of relating to your body.  Tantra allows you to have a direct experience of who you are without the filters of the mind, to know yourself better, to treat your body with love and respect as a sacred temple, to embrace all your contradictions and emotions with compassion. It allows you to know and to love yourself, and once this is grounded in you,  it allows this knowing and this love to expand to embrace others and to embrace life in general.

Whether individually or as a couple, these private workshops offer you a safe, warm, beautiful and loving opportunity to transform totally your perspective about you, your relating and your life.

Looking forward to sharing a tantra workshop with you! 


For bookings and information on private workshops or any other future events, please email me on:
Or Contact me through my website. 

Love and joy!

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