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Tantra Adelina fra Spanien

tantra adelina

Tantra Adelina er en tantrisk Gudinde der tør, vil og kan…

Adelina rejser rundt med tantra i hele verden og i august og september 2015 besøger hun Danmark. 

Addelina byder dybdegående tantriske sessioner med tantramassage fra 3 timer til hele dage. I denne sommer kommer Adelina til at tilbyde sessioner i Århus og København samt på Samsø.

OBS: I September måned er det muligt at booke tantramassage for par på Samsø inklusiv overning.


Hvis du er interesseret i at booke en tantrasession med Adelina så kontakt hende direkte på denne e-mail: (skriv venligst på engelsk)


Se Adelinas hjemmeside

Om Tantra Adelina (engelsk)

A tantra session with Adelina is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself: not only an exquisite pleasure for the senses and your whole being which will be delighted, it's an opportunity to receive totally with no demands of any type, with no need to achieve anything (let go of all pressure), just notice and enjoy fully who you are, notice the joy of just being with no need to make any effort! It's also an opportunity to learn skills that will improve your intimate relating with others!

And most importantly, Adelina's sessions are an opportunity to meet yourself, to see your real nature, to realise that you are well, to come back home, to that place of ultimate rest and peace, to who you really are and where your greatest longings are already true: bliss, love, total relaxation, oneness,... When you realise this is your natural state, that this is who you are, then life is seen from a different perspective and everything falls into place by itself! Then you can enjoy life, knowing that you are well in despite of any circumstances! Then you can totally play your own amazing and unique life, not just the one that is expected from you!!!

Learning intimacy skills

Coming back home is what we really look for in sex! It's not sex by itself we look for, sex it's just a beautiful strong energy in ourselves that makes us move towards others, to realise oneness and ultimately to realise who we really are, our essence which is love, bliss, total relaxation, happy, peace, complete, which is beyond time and the limits of the mind (where all problems reside!).

If we can realise this is who we really are, our permanent nature, then sex looses importance, it can be very enjoyable, but just another beautiful part of us... no less, no more!!!! However if we miss the opportunity and believe that it is in sex itself that these benefits reside, we will become a slave of sex, looking for more and more, with no end to it and no place to rest, until we realise your own nature. Adelina's tantra sessions provide you an opportunity to realise this!!!


"Adelina, It was a pleasure to be with you on Saturday. It was an experience that I can't describe in words and I never could comprehend (before) how much of the beauty lays within oneself. I just didn't want the session to end. May be for you tantrikas, it is something that you come across in daily life, for me it was purely divine!"
A (Mumbai)

"Adelina, I was drawn to tantra... didn't know what it was and what to expect.. When I read about Tantra before meeting you, I had mixed tantra with sexual fulfilment and to some extent I was drawn to that aspect... Just before I met you, I let my mind open up and said 'let me go and experience and just take it as it comes'.

I was pleasantly surprised by the session... didn't realise how much time we had spent together... didn't want it to end... and much to my disbelief I enjoyed every moment of it, despite the session not being sexual at all. That's where I would say that I was looking for something but found something else.
I still remember not having spend so much intimate time with anyone... I don't remember remaining nude with anyone for so long... despite the nudity.. despite the sensual touch... despite everything and despite the absence of sexuality the session was so complete by itself... that I would love to explore more and learn more about tantra!

I just know I loved the breathing... bonding... everything about the session...
In fact I noticed one more thing -- when I met you for breakfast the following day... I could clearly sense the clutter, the noise around us and wished that we had breakfast in a quieter zone. Great experience!"

A (Mumbai, India)

"Adelina Thank you for everything you gave me:
Your time, effort, energy, sharing thoughts and healing touch.
I learned a lot from you, not only what could enhance my sexuality, but our session has affected the whole of my life and vision in an incredible way.
I am now having more control, larger vision, bigger hopes and most importantly: I feel that many boundaries, at least in my mind, are removed!
Generally I feel more calm, positive and grateful to all the gifts God is giving us in this life. Really thank you.
And I think more sessions with you can really make a lot of difference in my life and myself.
You are simply wonderful. And big gift from God"
H (Kuwait)

"Dear Adelina,
Thank you for your kind words. It has been a week since we met and still deeply feel the vibes. I purposely didn't write to you to live that feeling and I now know that it is much more than just a life experience.
These few hours were the moment that one lives for and I'm deeply grateful that you shared this wonderful time with me. I'd rather like to see and feel you now than any later but I know you are here and feel you in my heart.
In deep love."
J (Germany)

"Dear Adelina
Thank you once again for the love you shared with me through your words, gestures and touch. You helped me to experience the highest form of tantric massage.

After the session, that Joy is still flowing, others can notice that Flow of Joy in me....and they asked what is Up?!!!
I was filled with lots and loads of love and was able to share that love with others. In my talk, my behaviour, etc.
Most, I received a sexual healing...that is today .. after our session, I am experiencing an Erection each and every day...I wake up with that Erection!!!
I never had this beautiful experience, I was basically a shy person, never want to discuss about SEX or thought of having sex....But now every opportunity, I am thinking about it.....don't know is it good or BAD!

Once again thanks to you and Tantra.....Keep loving and keep discovering....without actually 'Making love'
Have a Good Day !!
R (Dubai, UAE)

"Dear Adelina,
Without sounding formal, I would like to tell you that you have taught me to look at life. Thank you so much.
Love you"
A (Chennai, India)

"Dear Adelina,
I must thank you for wonderful session we had today. The memory of the day will remain with me for times to come. Once again I would like thank you. I will certainly want more sessions with you in future." (after first session...)
"These sessions are the best time of my life!" (after 3 sessions...)
S (Mumbai, India)

"Dearest Adelina,
Tantra has taught me so many things about intimacy, unconditional love, and non-judgment. I walked in to our session with the initial intention of "to receive", and later it evolved into "new beginnings". I believe both were fulfilled very well and so much more. Our session together was nothing but special. I feel more in touch with my masculinity and I notice now its impact on the world as a whole whether in my career, health, relationships, or spirituality. Your touch, dance, smile, and tenderness held the space very well for me to grow into something much more meaningful: A King, an ocean, a man, and a lover. Your session with me helped me reflect on many important aspects of my life and what attachments I had with rules, conditions, and judgments on women, men, career, and even my own body. I will ever forget the moments of separation and intimacy that showed me how I respond to them and from which part of me that I use to respond with (ego vs. heart). The breathing taught me so much about connection and life, and mostly it was a symbol for me strength and stake in this life as a man in whatever context I show up in. I realized that I am full, whole, complete, and can be myself all the time whether there is separation from others or not, because what matters now is that I am not separate from myself. I am intimate with myself now in this moment and forever.
Tantra also helped me to feel honored as a man without an aim. Whether the aim was to ejaculate, not ejaculate, give back, show love, display affection, or even try to do something in return was all irrelevant to the moment. Intimacy isn't about making love. We don't need to make love all the time because love is already happening and it is already there. I could just be there with anybody without the need more and lay down like the Reclining Buddha in he temple of Wat Pho (Thailand). I also realize from our session that there is so much more to the present moment than the future. I see that I used to think of "I want more" and "I should give more to please and be pleased and accepted". Now I'm accepted by myself.
Much love!"
K (Dubai, UAE)

"Dear Adelina. I am doing great and feel more in love with my life
now. The session with you seems to have released a great wave inside
me. Thank you for the awakening."
A (Chennai, India)

"Dear Adelina,
I wanted to take some time to absorb our session. It was amazing, exciting and surpassing of all preconceived ideas I had.
I'm not someone who can open up so freely so quickly. Both you and the experience were simply breathtaking. I think the next time we meet we will be able to take it to another level of intimacy and oneness.
Thank you so much for this gift, a true delight."
M (UK)

"Hi Adelina,
I simply find myself pondering our time. I am truly touched by the moment and hope that I may find the same peace and tranquillity again... it was a powerful time and a joy to explore with you...
Many thanks!"
M (Dubai)

"You made me discover new dimensions in life I did not know before.
And I learned from you to take care of myself a little bit.
With you I feel like I am flying in a discovery pleasure trip."
H (Egypt)


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