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Rebels in Love: Let's Get Real!

Irene og Alfarr præsenterer Let's Get Real!

Let’s Get Real! is a gathering for people who long for honest, deep, and authentic meetings with others.

Næste gang i Let's Get Real skal vi arbejde med aktiv grænsesætning. Her er en smagsprøve:

If you are truly ready to get real, then we have a transformational evening prepared for you.

It will be hot and juicy, intimate, and full of pleasure. But at the same time, we are going deep into the shadow land where pain and suffering live. We believe in the axiom: Whatever is in the way, is the way.

In Let’s Get Real!, you get to explore the gifts of your wholeness and integrate all parts of yourself.

We tap into the amazing potential of knowledge that is hidden in our DNA, mind, body, and soul. Let’s Get Real! is where personal development meets trauma therapy, spirituality, and existential kink.

Let’s Get Real! is a continuous series of transformational gatherings. Each event is unique, divinely guided, and one of a kind.

Sign-up to the next gathering:

Let's get real, Copenhagen 23nd of March

The evenings consist of:

  • Breath and energy work
  • Cognitive and physical intimacy exercises
  • Lots and lots of raw vulnerable sharing
  • Compassion and love on tab
  • Music, song, and dance
  • Ceremonial sacred space
  • Deep inner work

This workshop is not for everyone though. It demands you to get raw, vulnerable, and real. Your belief systems will be challenged, and you might get triggered, so get ready to feel all your feelings and own them!

Practical Information

Next event: Tuesday 10th of October at 17.30-21.30. Doors open at 17.00 and close at 22.00. We invite you to spend the extra time before and after the event to socialize with the tribe.

Where: Conzentus, Shetlandsgade 3, 2300 København S.

Tickets: see above


  • Water bottle
  • Blanket
  • Meditation cushion or pillow (to sit comfortably on the floor)

Wear comfortable clothes which enable you to move freely.

The spoken language will be Danish if everybody is comfortable with that, otherwise English. 


Vilhelm Alfarr - The Rebel in Love 🖤

Since 2009 Alfarr has dedicated himself to sharing tantric wisdom and practices in a modern and accessible way. His approach is light-hearted, inclusive, and profoundly transformative.

A hallmark quality of Alfarr is his ability to create and hold a space where you feel safe to be on shaky ground.

With Alfarr you too are invited to become a passionate rebel in love. In love with your own life, a life filled with passion, pleasure, and purpose.

When Alfarr is not out and about sharing tantra and music he can be found on his home island Samsø. From there he runs Tantraværkstedet where couples and individuals can experience tantric initiation, training, and therapy. 

Irene Conradsen – sacred space holder and bodyworker

The archetype of the wild woman lives strongly in her and has driven her to explore tantra, energy work, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, de-armouring, expansion of consciousness, and many modalities within psychotherapy.

Irene is a powerful, intuitive energy worker, who knows both how to open the door to the darkness and out into the light while holding you in a heart-opened space, where you never feel alone.

She is an empath with great skills in reading the room, knowing where the participants are ready to go, and enabling them to surrender deeper into the exercises with trust.

Irene has roots in both the spiritual world and the scientific world of health care.

She is the owner of Phoenex Kropsterapi - a soul calling, where she offers de-armouring, bodywork, and breathwork. 

Rebels in Love

Rebels in Love is a tribe of courageous souls who demand much more of life, and YOU ARE INVITED!

Rebels in Love are willing to do the deep inner work that sets us free and enables us to experience love unconditionally.

Together we shed millennia of limiting beliefs and disempowering conditioning. We step into the light; no longer as imprisoned victims but as victorious eternal souls.

We are free; together we do the work to remember that.

Then we celebrate 🎉

Some of the modalities of Rebels in Love:

We insist rebelliously on consent

- Because everything is better when we are in it together.

We do deep shadow work

- Because our shadow holds the key to embracing life and setting ourselves free.

We explore life force energy

- Because we recognize the transformational potential of activating and understanding the powerful life source energy accessible through energy work.

We are trigger-happy

- We love, love, love, being triggered because every time we heal a trigger, we are one step closer to freedom.

We pledge non-duality

- Because everything is connected through energy. Only the surface appears different. Separation is an illusion.

We religiously believe in the power of breathwork

- Because it is the most organic and safe way to enter altered states of being where radical self-transformation and insights can occur.

We are body-positive

- Because we embrace our bodies, how they look and feel, just the way they are. And we love connecting and sharing intimacy, touch, and massage with other people’s bodies… with consent!

We enjoy playing with polarity

- Because playing with opposites is insightful and fun, and to really know life you must be willing to explore the opposite.

We feel our feelings

- Because we know that as real as they feel, they are just feelings – the feelings change, evolve, and subside… but only when we allow for feeling them fully.


Strandvejen 28
8305 Samsø

Tel: +45 60841972



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